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Welcome and cheers! This is a new site dedicated to holistic health. Because I am a young wife and mother, most of my focus will be on diet and nutrition, but I’m also a Catholic Christian with a deep faith and commitment to everyday holiness.

My background is in theology and journalism and I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life serving in parishes and dioceses around the country. I’m particularly interested in the areas of stewardship, women’s ministry, and Catholic spirituality. This particular blog, as well as my cookbook, are the fruits of a beloved program in my own diocese called, “Meals, Mass and Mystics”. Everybody needs to eat and therefore it is a perfect platform for sharing God’s gift of food and health and growing in faith with others in our community.

This is an extension of my communities here in Northeast Wisconsin. This is a place for women (and men) around the world to connect and share. I always tell the women at my events that I am not the expert. We all have life experiences and circumstances that differ and we all bring a particular expertise to any situation we are in. I am an expert in collecting information and facilitating discussion. That is what this site is for – sharing, discussion and dialogue.

I believe firmly in “no judgment zones”. No healthy member of a family is trying to do a bad job. We are all trying to find that magical balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health in the midst of a busy and demanding world. If you feed your child a piece of cheese and a bag of fruit snacks for dinner, we can accept that. If you choose to vaccinate your child or not vaccinate your child, we can accept that. Do we always agree? No. May we feel strongly about something and express an opinion? Yes, lovingly and respectfully, but then we must move on to what is going to unite us. Dignity is at the core of holistic living. Dignity and respect must be at the center of the big picture – dignity to our God-given bodies and souls. Let us not get mired down by the small stuff.

As a wife and mother there are so many everyday “wars” we all face. There are so many areas of criticism. This is a place for encouragement, affirmation, and support. Questions may be asked and suggestions given, but they must be done with charity and not judgment. As such, I will initially moderate comments as we establish a community.

I’m excited you’ve decided to come on this journey with me. I hope to post at least weekly if not more often.

I encourage you to participate in this community and in the Facebook community. Send your friends here and send me your favorite recipes.

This is not a health blog or a site committed to a particular diet. It’s a place to share our lives as we try to find the balance. Not everything is going to work for everyone and I won’t try to make the shoe fit for everyone. Find your spot here and stand in your truth.

Are you ready?

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