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The Power of Poutine

So long since I've posted here…what a shame! I've been busy in the kitchen, busy on the event circuit and oh so busy with family life! Stay tuned though because I have a whole line-up of wonderful posts coming!

Today I want to share with you a story about the power of poutine. Poutine is a Quebecquoise peasant food. Essentially it is potatoes and fresh cheese curds smothered with gravy. It is the perfect food for a hungry farmer (or a late night drinker) and it's been adopted by many pubs and restaurants around the world. Kevin and I first had poutine on our honeymoon in Quebec province. We were tucked away in the Laurentide mountains and stumbled upon a sports bar after a visit to the relics of St. Anne de Beaupre – what a treat that our first experience was an authentic one!

Today's poutine story however, started with one of many business trips Kevin took to Madison, WIsconsin. We learned very early in our marriage that if we were committed to being open to married and family life, we would have to get creative with our travel plans. I often accompany Kevin on his business trips in order to make best use of our time and resources and Madison is a common place for him to travel as a staff member in the University of Wisconsin system. On this particular trip, I did not accompany him because our kids were in school and I had other commitments to attend.

When we travel I am a bit of a rut-runner. I find something I like and I stick to it. So, when Kevin travels without me he like to “spelunk” as he calls it, or wander a bit more – he is much more adventurous than this introvert. On this particular trip he was gone for more than four days and had a great deal of time to explore. On one of his stops he discovered the Vladimir Poutine. Who can't resist such an awesome name? Immediately, he decided that he had to plan a trip when I could try it. Amazing, no?

That brings us to this weekend. My hubby coordinated a whirlwind overnight trip for him and me while he presented at a conference. We spent Sunday night in an old-fashioned walking date that ended, drum roll please…at HopCat for Vladimir Poutine!

Beer battered and broiled fries, topped with stout-braised onions, applewood-smoked bacon, scallions, cheese curds, potato and cheese pierogies, and smothered with sour cream stroganoff gravy. It will be a plate I will dream of. Complement that dish with a lovely blood orange kombucha ale with Citra hops from Ipsilanti, Mivhigan and my life was complete.

Friends, it doesn't take much. This simple dish drew me back to younger years, simpler years, when my hubby and I only had eyes and thoughts for each other. It wasn't fancy or expensive. It wasn't extra work. It was the thought and appreciation of the other. It was a pure willing of the good of another – it was agapic – love like only God can love.

That was the power of a simple plate of peasant poutine.


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