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Heritage Road, Installment Two: My Love Affair with Peaches

This is a nostalgia post. This time of year always brings me back to my days in Southern California because fresh fruit is ALWAYS in season there and it’s ONLY in season here in Wisconsin during the luscious summer months. Peaches – glorious, beautiful, fresh peaches that fall away from their pits. Is there anything like them?

Peaches are my romantic food. I’m not sure where it started, but there is something so simple and sweet about a sliced peach. I can eat them halved, grilled, pureed, baked, doesn’t matter. However, my favorite way to eat fresh peaches is in my mother’s fresh peach pie. Sweet, nectar-y peaches drenched in a peach gelatin balanced by a silky, slightly tart sour cream topping.

The sour cream topping is the stuff of my dreams. If I had a last meal, it would include this topping, possibly straight from the bowl. I love this stuff so much the following conversation actually occurred between my sister and I (don’t worry, my sister is a hospice nurse)…


At some point in my youthful, fancy-free days of high school, I started eating scrambled eggs and cheese with a slice of peach pie for breakfast. I would sit out on the back patio in the sunshine, surrounded by the intoxicating smell of my mom’s rose bushes and eat my breakfast. There was something so complementary and so simple about this combination. It became the breakfast I hoped my future spouse would eat with me and I dreamed of adding a mimosa! It seemed like an easy breakfast in bed. I only had one serious relationship before my husband, but I was sure to share this “dream” with any potential love interests.

The funny thing is, my husband has never eaten this meal with me! He would, I suppose, but he hasn’t. I’ve never served scrambled eggs and peach pie to him. I’m not even sure I’ve ever shared the specifics of that dream with him. I didn’t have to.

That is what happens when we are given real love. That is what happens when you marry the person God intends for you, at whatever stage of life you find yourself. Real life becomes your fairy tale and God gives you dreams that are so much bigger than your childhood romanticism.

My Real-life Fairy Tale includes:

  • Homemade corned beef hash and runny eggs for breakfast
  • Take-out Chinese/Thai food and Food Network dates on Sunday nights
  • Perfectly grilled steaks following my tired, anemic, feminine days of the month. (Grilled by the hubby as I have refused to ever learn to grill as advised by my grandmother when she said, “Never learn to do something you don’t want to find yourself doing)always.”)

I’ll never lose my dream of peach pie and scrambled eggs. It will always be pleasing to my stomach and delighting to my heart. But I will live my real-life fairy tale to the fullest, grateful for every second I get to spend co-creating my marriage and my life with my wonderful husband and my God.

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