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Long Time, New Recipes!

Well, I’ve had a few inquiries about faith and food lately, presumably due to the safer-at-home orders we’ve all been experiencing. I thought I’d pop on with some new insights and new recipes for anyone seeking me out!

First of all, even for a mama who cooks many nights a week, this has been an unusual time. Being at home, the kids and hubby seem to want sit down lunches as well as dinners. Breakfasts seems to stretch longer and also include more food. It’s been a challenge keeping things fresh and stocked.

It’s also be difficult to keep the energy for cooking, or anything else for that matter, up. This is not an easy time. I don’t think I’ve been this tired since I had newborns. Trying to balance teaching three children at various levels, working for a Catholic parish, and keeping the house which is now being lived in 24/7 has been a mental marathon. I have found that I have needed to re-prioritize my prayer life and my daily planning to make sure that I stay focused on what really matters. I am one of those people who literally prays constantly. I don’t often kneel, I don’t often fold my hands, but God and I are in almost constant conversation as I encounter my day. Even mid-meeting I find myself talking with God about the next words or next concept. That said, the constant chatter and demands of my safer-at-home environment have made that conversation more momentary and less focused.

Enter stage right, The Monk Manual.

Now, to be fair, I’ve been using mine for less than a week. My main goal this week is to remember to use the Monk Manual daily. However, I am really quite amazed at how focused it is currently keeping my days and how I am able to see the fruits and faults of my days. The psychological process of the Monk Manual – prepare, act, reflect – has been a helpful written tool for me to focus. I highly recommend it so far!

But back to the fun stuff!

I have to say that one of the nice things about this particular time for safer-at-home is that my older kids (10 and 11) are very much able to assist with meals. As part of our science learning during this time, we subscribed my daughter to Raddish, a kids cooking subscription kit! I have been pleased by both the quality of the box and the variety of recipes it offers. Clara has been able to easily tackle the recipes on her own with a little bit of help with the hot and heavy aspects of the processes. If you’re interested, the $20 a month fee is quite reasonable and if you use my referral code (v5yd9s) we both get a bonus!

Here is Clara’s Peach Pancake Puff from this month’s kit!

Moreover I would highly recommend “Nadiya’s Time to Eat” on Netflix as a fun show for kids and parents to watch together for fun and simple ideas for family meals. My 11-year-old son made it our “snuggle time” show and we’ve enjoyed trying many of her recipes.

I want to be sure I give you a new favorite recipe to try before I go and also pitch the fact that I’ll be back to discuss our family’s effort to support local farmers during this time of disruption to their supply chain!

Here was a meal that my entire family loved! I only made a few adaptations, based on my ingredients and also preferences. I substituted roasted acorn squash for the sweet potatoes because I prefer the texture and reduced sweetness of the squash. I substituted beef stock for the chicken stock becuase it is what I had, but after the face I felt it gave it a richness. I also used a large can of crushed tomatoes instead of the chopped tomatoes and we loved it!

Top with salted peanuts, fresh cilantro and even a squeeze of lime!

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