About MMM

About Me

We all have jobs to do. I happen to love mine. That being said, my job is not my passion. God has given me some amazing gifts to use and if I am not cooking, writing, or teaching, I’m not happy. This site gives me a place to write and sometimes even write about the things I am cooking or teaching. It is a great place to come and exercise my mind in reflection.

This is also a place where I feel like I am sharing my gift with the world. If one person smiles or says to themself, “Yeah, I hear ya…” while reading something on my blog, I feel like God has used me to touch their life in a small sense of community and solidarity.

I love to cook and I love to share faith. I love to grow in faith. I believe this site can be used a tool for others like myself who struggle to balance faith and everyday life. We all have to eat – even Jesus knew that the best way to instill a lesson, a memory, was through a meal – the Eucharist.

I hope you will enjoy the stories of my family, my recipes and the lessons of faith. Moreover, I want to use this blog to:

  • help others ease the burden of busy nights,
  • lift up families and individuals,
  • and share the Word of God and the traditions of my faith.

This blog is an extension of me. I know, as a self-employed wife and mother, I should be using my platform to support my family, but much to my husband’s chagrin, I can’t. You will not see regular referral posts or product endorsements. I do not have advertising on my site because I believe in keeping the message clean and simple.

Should you wish to contribute to my ministry you can use the donate button on the righthand side or you can purchase items from my Etsy shop. You can also offer regular prayers for myself and my family as we continue on this journey of faith.

Book Me to Speak
I am available to speak to parishes, women’s groups, and schools on a variety of topics. My presentations are interactive and often include multimedia components and small group activities. Below you will find the name and description of my most popular event, the events on which this site was founded, but I am also open to your custom needs. As a faculty member for the Department of Education in the Diocese of Green Bay the presentation below has been offered and endorsed by our diocese. These events are in their third year, tried and true, and have received very positive response.

I offer 3-hour timeframes, but have flexibility for additional time and/or travel. Schedule early for best availability as I do limit my engagements due to my primary vocation as wife and mother. I work hard to maintain reasonable and competitive rates while also providing for my family through my ministry. Please e-mail for availability and rates.

Sample Event: Beauty in the Breaking

Meals, Mass and Mystics

A cooking class with a Catholic twist, this event combines my love of cooking with insights from the lives of the saints and the mystics as well as our experience of the Mass. Breaking of the bread is a key part of our everyday living as Christians whether it be at the Eucharistic table or the kitchen table. This event will encourage you to look at the Mass in a renewed way. Be filled bodily and spiritually!

Sample Event: Spanish Mystics and Tapas

Sample Event: St. Hildegard and Monastic Eating

And if you’ve read all this way and still would like to know more about me, the author, click here.